November 2007 – “It’s Rough Out There In the Iranian Blogosphere”, Pajamas Media (PJM) on a piece in the conservative website Alef disclosing Arash Kamangir’s real identity (English).

October 2007 – The conservative MP’s website, Alef, discloses the real identity of Arash Kamangir as Arash Abadpour and published a picture of him (Persian).

October 2007 – “An Iranian cure for an Iranian problem”, Piece in The Manitoban, the students’ newspaper of The University of Manitoba (link not available)

October 2007 – “The power and pitfalls of ‘citizen journalism’“, Interviewed for The Uniter, Issue 06, Volume 62, Page 6, 18 October 2007.

October 2007 – “What Iranian Dissidents Need“, Interviewed by Terry Glavin for TheTyee.ca.

September 2007 – Mentioned in “Looking for Freedom: An Exploration of the Iranian Blogosphere“, Master of Arts in Librarianship Dissertation by Alexis Rigby, The University of Sheffield, as an “In-depth analysis” English blog written by an Iranian.