December 2012Interview with Voice of America (Persian) on the necessity of avoiding the radicalization of the web and the necessity of increasing the number of online activists, while reducing the risk for each one.

December 2012 – Attended the Change Course Conference (CCC) in Winterthur, Switzerland – My profile.

November 2012 – Signed an open letter to condemn the reported torture of Sttar Beheshti which allegedly caused his death in prison in Iran, “We demand those behind the torture and killing of Sttar Beheshti to be tried in court” (Persian).

October 2012 – Wrote a piece for Article 19 on the similarities between the utilization of Blogs and the online world in Iran and the usage of Alcohol and drugs in the country, “Booze, Drugs, and Blogs

October 2012 – Instructed a two-session course on the topic of “Statistics & Data Visualization” at Mianeh School of Journalism in Persian. List of instructors. The Mianeh School is offered by the Iran Program at the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR).

October 2012 – Discussed the recent wave of filtering in Iran on Aljazeera’s Listening Post, Controlling Iran’s cyberspace (minute 8:20)

October 2012 – Was among the social and political activists who signed an open letter published on the national Teachers’ Day, asking for the release of detained teachers and better working conditions for Iranian teachers (English translation).

September 2012 – Quoted by Global Voices Online on the issue of temporary filtering of Google and Gmail in Iran – Iran Blocks Access to Google and Gmail

September 2012 – Quoted on Reuters’ piece on Canada’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran, Analysis: Canada may have cut ties with Iran to avoid retaliation

August 2012 – Was among the activists who signed an open letter to Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, to urge him to discuss the issue of political prisoners during his travel to Iran for attending the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement. The letter in Persian. Coverage: “Iran opposition leaders in human rights plea to UN secretary general“.

August 2012 – Interviewed by Voice of America Persian for the International Blog Day, Link (Persian)

June 2012 – Introduced the winner of Best Blog, in DW-World Best of Blogs (The BOBs), Arash Sigarchi. Photo Stream on Flickr: DW-GMF2012 The 2012 BOBs Awards Ceremony. Coverage: VOA’s Arash Sigarchi Wins International Award.

June 2012 – Interviewed on the topic of Digital Literacy (link).

June 2012 – Interviewed by ZDF on the issue of Halal Internet (i.e. Iran producing its own local Internet), “Blogging at the risk of life” (German), “Arash Abadpour on halal Internet“.

June 2012 – Panelist in the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum on the topic of “Digital Literacy and Social Activism” – Photo Stream on Flickr, DW-GMF2012 WS51 Digital Literacy and Social Activism. More info, in German (link).

June 2012 – Among the 300 signatories of a letter to the detained Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki asking him to break his hunger strike (Persian).

May 2012 – Blog post mentioned by BBC Persian (Persian).

May 2012 – “Internet activists are fighting for more freedom of the press” (German), opinion published by ZDF for the occasion of “World Press Freedom Day”.

May 2012 – “Revolution on Hold“, Panelist for re:publica 2012 Berlin, Germany.

May 2012 – Jury Member for DW-World Best of Blogs (The BOBs), Persian language (English, Persian, German, Spanish)

May 2012 – Press conference before DW-World Best of Blogs (The BOBs).

April 2012 – Among the 157 signatories of an open letter condemning racism towards Afghan and other refugees in Iran (Persian).

April 2012 – Blog post mentioned by BBC Persian (Persian).

April 2012 – Quoted in “Iran’s National Internet Project: Keepin’ It Clean With Censorship” by Arseh Sevom.

April 2012 – Interview with DW-World Persian about Best of Blogs (The BOBs) international blog competition (Persian, text, mp3 file).

March 2012 – “The Network is Halal“, interviewed by Shahrzad Hosseini for on3.de (Original in German).

March 2012 – “Iran: Does Easing Internet Sanctions Make Any Difference?“, Asked for opinion by Global Voices Online.

March 2012 – Panelist on for the International Women’s Day event held by Iran 180 in New York (video). Coverage here,

March 2012 – “Iran clamps down on Internet activists“, quoted on DW World piece.

February 2012 – “Will Iran see free and fair parliamentary elections?“, Panel on Aljazeera Stream regarding the situation in Iran and the upcoming parliamentary elections (video).

February 2012 – “People are tired and bored with the fighting in the streets”, Interview with jetzt.de (German)

February 2012 – “Sterile Internet and an online world which is shrinking”, Interviewed by DW-World Persian (Persian)

February 2012 – BBC World Update’s Dan Damon speaks to blogger Arash Abadpour about the Iranian blogosphere (audio)

February 2012 – “Iran Internet disruption points to government control”, Interviewed by Marcus George from Reuters (English)

January 2012 – Blog post mentioned by BBC Persian (Persian).