I keep a private digital diary that I update a few times during the day – things that happen, my thoughts + plans for my work – every 15 minutes, a cloud worker reviews the notes from the past 2 weeks and generates one frame – the cloud worker then combines these frames every 25 hours to produces a 10-second video that is shared on the web at – size denotes the frequency of use.

since I remember, I have always kept a diary of some form & frequency – my diary is where I go when I need to make a decision – the act of writing about my experience helps me make sense of the world.

I blogged for ~10 years, in English and in Persian – blogging was an extension of the diary for me and there was always crosstalk: many blog posts started as a note in my diary and I wrote in my diary about the experience of blogging.

private was not a planned piece of work – it happened organically a few weeks after I moved my diary from pen and paper to the cloud – I am still understanding private and my relationship w/ it.